The Story of My Agency

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The Story of My Agency

How I started Nordic Nannies

Hello! I’m Mareena Nissi, the founder and owner of Nordic Nannies. In this post, I will tell you why I started my agency.

In 2007, I had been working, first as an Au Pair and then as a Nanny, for over ten years in five different countries. Whilst I had enjoyed travelling the world and meeting amazing new people, my journey hadn’t always been the smoothest.

Looking back, I felt as though I had made many mistakes in choosing the right family to work for. This is not to say that the families weren’t great – most of them really were wonderful!

I just didn’t know how to interview the potential families and to choose the right fit for me. I would also often accept a very low salary or other questionable terms of employment, mainly because I didn’t know better.

My experiences with nanny agencies hadn’t been that great, either. I don’t think they ever really took the time to know me or my preferences for a job. I felt I was only there to make money for the agency, and that my happiness didn’t matter in that equation.

So, in 2007, I decided it was time to put my knowledge to good use. I wanted to help other people, mainly young Au Pair candidates or newly qualified Nannies who were looking for that first job abroad. This is why I founded Nordic Nannies.

During the past ten years, I have been both running my agency and working as a Nanny in yet another two new countries. Also, in addition to my two other business degrees, I completed a certificate in entrepreneurship in 2019.

From 2017, my focus has been fully on my agency. I hope to be able to help more people than ever to realise their dream of living and working abroad!

My goal is to really get to know each and every job seeker that signs up with my agency. I am committed to finding each applicant their dream job!

From the parents’ standpoint, finding the ideal child carer can seem like a daunting task. After all, the child carer will be looking after the parents’ most prized possession! I will do my absolute best in finding each family their ideal child carer.

Today, I feel like all my previous experiences (and mistakes!) are valuable for being able to help others. With my help, the Au Pair and Nanny candidates can avoid the most common mistakes and focus on having the best experience of their life!

Welcome to Nordic Nannies!


P.S. I took the photo when I was working and travelling in Switzerland. Quite a nice contrast between summer fields and snowy mountains, don’t you think?

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