Domestic employees to Finland and abroad


  • Au Pairs (always live in)
  • Mother’s Helps (always live in)
  • Nannies (live in or live out)
  • Nanny-Housekeepers (live in or live out)
  • Housekeepers (live in or live out)
  • Governesses (qualified early education or primary school teachers; live in or live out)
  • Elderly Companions (always live in)


Why use our services?


We will tailor the position to suit your needs! You tell us what hours and duties you need as well as what type of person would fit in well with your family, and we will find your ideal employee for you. You will save time in the recruitment process and will receive advice from a professional!

Our service includes

  • advice for your family throughout the recruitment process, i.e. job specifics, salary and employer responsibilities
  • thorough personal interviews of candidates
  • checking the background and employment history of candidates
  • draft of non-disclosure agreement (should you need one)
  • draft of employment contract
  • written instructions for both your family and the employee
  • support for both your family and the employee throughout the employment

If you need a Finnish speaker to help maintain and develop your children’s language abilities whilst living abroad, we have lots of Finnish speaking candidates. Our candidates typically speak good or excellent English, too!




We charge a non-refundable registration fee of 200 euros. This fee is due before we start the recruitment process.

If and when you choose one of our candidates, we will also charge a placement fee. The placement fee depends on the type of the employee.

Our current rates for a placement fee are:

  • Au Pair 490 euros
  • Mother’s Help 690 euros
  • Nanny or Housekeeper 1 290 euros
  • Governess 1 690 euros
  • Elderly Companion 690 euros

The registration fee covers the initial consultation and proposing the position to our current, suitable candidates and advertising it on our mailing list for potential candidates as well as on our website and relevant job boards. Please note that paying the registration fee does not guarantee that we will be able to find you an employee. Typically, we will need anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks to send each family files of suitable candidates. For some positions, we will have suitable candidates already and for others, we will need to advertise more.

The placement fee for nannies, housekeepers and governesses includes drafting a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), should you need one. This means all the candidates you have chosen to interview will be asked to sign an NDA before you interview them. If you require an NDA for au pair, mother’s help or elderly companion candidates, then we will charge you extra for this.

Guarantee: In the extremely rare case that you have chosen a candidate that doesn’t start the job or if the candidate starts the job but gives notice of their intention to leave or if you give notice to terminate the contract within the first 30 days, we aim to find you a replacement candidate free of charge as soon as possible. We will keep the new search open until we find you a replacement candidate. In case you no longer need a replacement candidate, we are happy to recruit one new candidate free of charge for you in the future, at a date that is more convenient for you.


How to register


Please start by joining our mailing list and you will be sent full instructions by email.




We already have and will happily recommend Nordic Nannies to families who are in need of an extra pair of helping hands to help sort out the puzzle of having children, a household and a profession.
Our quality of life has improved since we came in touch with Nordic Nannies and Mareena kindly and professionally recruited a wonderful person who combines private studies with household and childcare related work.

We now come home from work to already cooked dinners and happy children. We are extremely satisfied and relaxed parents!

Anna Bergenhem, Sweden


“I had heard of Nordic Nannies previously and had liked the fact that Mareena Nissi (the owner) clearly knew what she was talking about as she had herself worked as a nanny abroad. I got the feeling that Mareena completely understood what our family needed and in fact suggested that we should probably aim for a nanny rather than an au pair given the ages of our children and the amount of work required. She was right and proceeded to send us a CV which totally fitted the bill!

Mareena guided us through the recruitment process each step of the way and also kept in contact with our candidate. Mareena ensured that all went well with the contracting and our nanny’s arrival in the UK.

Our nanny has now been a part of our family for over six months and we could not have asked for a better professional! Our children have really benefitted from her structured and friendly approach and as a bonus, their Finnish has come on leaps and bounds!

We are now so grateful for the care and diligence that Nordic Nannies demonstrated which in turn has made a real difference to our home life! I would warmly recommend Nordic Nannies for anyone considering their childcare options.”

Mrs. Jalas, United Kingdom