How to apply

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General information about our positions

Please note that this is only a small selection of our available positions and the positions change weekly. Once you have sent us your application form, we will be able to tell you exactly what positions we have that would suit you.

In addition, we also have hundreds of positions through our partner agencies. For Au Pairs, there are always positions in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and China. For Nannies, we have dozens of positions all over the world, in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Please note that you must either be an EU passport holder or have a visa for the country you wish to work in to apply for our positions! We cannot help with the visa process for non-EU nationalities.

Most of our positions are live-in positions where the employer provides room and board in addition to pocket money or salary. The minimum requirement for the accommodation is a bedroom but sometimes the employer offers several rooms on a different floor or a flat with a private entrance. We have live-out positions for nannies and governesses (teachers) only. Au Pair positions are always live in as it is a condition of this cultural exchange programme.

Nanny positions available

Nanny-Housekeeper or Nanny (live in)

Location: Adliswil (Zürich), Switzerland

Hours: 40 per week (32 without housekeeping)

Gross salary: 3 500 CHF gross per month (appr. 2 018 CHF/ 1 842 € net per month); 2 800 CHF gross per month without housekeeping

Start date: 20-24 September; working sole charge from 1 October 2021

Duration: Long term; a minimum of 2 years

Language skills: Fluent Finnish; average to good English or German

Driving licence: Not mandatory but would be an advantage

Age of children: 6 years and 9 years

Accommodation: Spacious bedroom on the top floor with wifi (TV with Netflix and Disney+ can be provided), bathroom shared with children

Description: A family living in Adliswil, about 20 min from Zürich by train. They are looking for a full-time Nanny-Housekeeper but the job can also be a part-time Nanny job without housekeeping duties.

The two children are at school full-time but come home for lunch three days per week. The working schedule for childcare would be M-F 7-8.30 am and then 3 days a week 11 am to 5/6 pm and 2 days per week about 3.20 pm to 6.30/7 pm. Whilst the children are at school, there will be housekeeping duties, such as cleaning, family laundry with some ironing, and some grocery shopping. The childcare duties include taking children to/from school and activities, cooking their meals, and planning their schedules, activities, and playdates. Ideally, they would like you to babysit every other Saturday evening but this is negotiable as they can also hire a local babysitter.

The family is looking for a flexible, dependable, proactive, and creative nanny. They will give you an allowance for children’s activities and groceries and the freedom to use your own initiative. The children are hoping for a nanny who likes cycling and is good at drawing and playing chess! Their other interests include sports, music, arts and crafts, and spending time outdoors and in nature. The family also has two cats.

Having successfully employed nannies before, they are now looking forward to welcoming their first live-in nanny. Your accommodation is a spacious and bright bedroom on the top floor, offering good privacy. The bedroom can be furnished and decorated together with you and the family wants you to feel welcome in their house. You can spend time in the lounge or garden on your time off, and they also have a hot tub. You are welcome to use their car on your time off whenever the family doesn’t need it, and bus stops and train station are nearby.

Nanny-Housekeeper (live in)

Location: London, UK

Hours: 40 per week

Gross salary: £ 2 167 (2 460 €) per month

Start date: September 2021

Duration: Long term; a minimum of 2 years

Language skills: Fluent Finnish and average to good English

Driving licence: No

Age of children: 4 years and 5 months

Accommodation: Double bedroom, bathroom shared with children; a pool, gym, sauna and jacuzzi available to use in the building.

Description: A family living very close to the city centre in the Poplar/Canning Town area (zone 2) of London. The position will initially be a shared charge position for about six months as mum will be home on maternity leave. You will initially be more focused on looking after the eldest child who is starting school in September. Some baby care will also be required to allow mum some free time. In spring 2022, mum will go back to work and you will have sole charge of the children. The baby is likely to start in nursery 3 days per week, though, so you will work two full days per week (8 am to 6 pm) and on the three other days 1-2 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours in the afternoon/evening.

Duties include all aspects of childcare, including dropping off and picking up from nursery, school or after-school activities. Housekeeping duties include cleaning and tidying the 3-bedroom flat, doing the family laundry, and cooking dinner for the family. The family will employ an additional cleaner if needed.

This role will also suit a junior nanny who is looking to gain more experience with babies as mum is around to show you baby care in the beginning. You must speak fluent Finnish and at least conversational English and be legally able to work in the UK to apply. Current long term nanny placed by us warmly recommends this family!

Governess (private teacher) positions available

We offer Governess positions mostly through our partner agency. Please enquire about current positions available.

Au Pair positions available

Au Pair

Location: London, UK

Hours: 25-30 per week

Gross salary/pocket money: £ 130 per week + many benefits

Start date: Preferably 23 August 2021 (or early September)

Duration: A minimum of 11 months

Language skills: Average to good English (fluent Finnish would be ideal but not mandatory)

Driving licence: No

Age of children: 8 years and 11 years

Accommodation: Double bedroom away from family bedrooms offering good privacy

Description: A family living in St. Margarets, Twickenham, in South West London. It’s a lovely and safe area near Marble Hill Park and within walking distance of cafes, shops, and public transportation (25 min to the centre of London). To apply, you must already be in the UK and have a pre-settled/settled status.

The duties include getting children ready for school in the morning, taking them to/from school and activities, entertaining children at home, and cooking children their meals. A cleaner is employed so you would only be asked to tidy up after yourself and the children, to do the children’s laundry, to load/unload the dishwasher, and ideally to vacuum occasionally.

The children are very energetic and active so the family is looking for an Au Pair who likes to stay active, go on outings, and play outdoors. Both children also play the piano and like arts and crafts. The family has recently moved to the area and enjoy exploring on the weekends and you are very welcome to join them on their trips and outings.

Some flexibility is required and there may be some extra hours for extra pay. The weekends are generally off. The benefits include a mobile phone with a monthly contribution towards calls/data and a return flight to your home country once per year. You will also have your own bike to use. You will also have all the school holidays (more than 8 weeks) off as the children will be travelling with their parents.

Au Pair

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Hours: Up to 45 per week (typically only 35 hours though)

Pocket money: $ 195,75 per week (as per programme guidelines)

Start date: July/August 2021 (or when the application and visa process is completed)

Duration: 12 months (and the possibility to extend for another 6-12 months)

Language skills: Average to good English AND fluent Finnish

Driving licence: Yes

Age of children: 8 years and 10 years

Accommodation: Spacious bedroom with internet and private bathroom in the basement, with separate entrance, and the use of own kitchen, big screen TV and Netflix

Description: A family living in a safe suburban area with restaurants, shops and a mall nearby and about 20-30 minutes by car from Atlanta. This Finnish-American family needs a Finnish-speaking Au Pair for their two school-aged children who enjoy horseback riding, piano, and soccer.

A driver is required. Driving locally is very easy but it is best to take an Uber when going to the city. If you are into hiking, there are several great national parks in the area. The family home also has a gym, a pool and a sauna that you can use.

Au Pairs typically work up to 45 hours in the U.S. but this family rarely needs more than 35 hours of work. You would mostly work in the afternoons, picking up children from school, taking them to activities or playing with them. A very important part of the job is helping the children with their homework so the family would prefer someone with an interest in education. After the parents are at home, you would also help with prepping for dinner and tidying up. The family has two dogs and walking them would also be your responsibility. Some light household duties are also required, such as helping the children to keep their rooms tidy and to wash their laundry as well as keeping the kitchen clean and tidy. The family employs a cleaner for the heavy cleaning.

Occasionally, when the parents travel for work or when the children don’t have school, you would also be expected to help with the morning routine and/or during the day but during school holidays the children typically attend sports/activity camps anyway. You will have weekends off but are welcome to join in on the family activities and trips.

To get a visa as an Au Pair, you will need to submit your application to the U.S. agency chosen by the family. You will receive flights, insurance during your stay, Au Pair training and introduction to America, tuition fees to attend college classes and much more as the family will pay for your programme fee. To apply, you need to fulfil these requirements:

  • Au pair must be between the ages of 18 and 26 upon arrival (must be 18 before arrival and not yet turned 27 before arrival).
  • Be a secondary school graduate (High School).
  • Speak English at a conversational level to pass the visa screening. They will have a written and conversational English test with our overseas office to assess their English level.
  • Be in good health; no pre-existing medical conditions or need ongoing medication treatment. Have no history of depression, mental illness, anxiety, or eating disorders.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • Have previous documented childcare experience.
  • Have over 300 hours of documented childcare experience.
  • Make a 12-month commitment.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Have a valid driver’s license from their home country and obtain an international driver’s license.
  • Be unmarried and have no children.
  • Must complete the Department of State-required au pair training prior to departure from their home country (training facilitated by the agency)
  • Not be a relative of the host family

Au Pair

Location: Countryside near Kokkola, Finland

Hours: 25-30 per week

Gross salary/pocket money: Appr. 110-120 € per week (350 € net per month = 80 € net per week after tax)

Start date: 1 August 2021

Duration: 12 months

Language skills: Average to good English OR Finnish

Driving licence: No

Age of children: 9 months, 2 years, 4 years, 7 years and 9 years

Accommodation: Spacious bedroom with wifi

Description: A family living on a farm about 30 km outside of coastal town Kokkola, Finland. The parents work at home on the dairy farm and need an extra pair of hands to help with their five children. The two eldest children attend school and the youngest three children are cared for at home.

Your morning duties (7 am to 9 am) consist of a breakfast routine, tidying up the kitchen, and getting children dressed and ready for school. In the afternoon (4 pm to 7 pm) you would start by tidying the kitchen after the family meal and then would spend time playing with the children at home, in the fenced play area in the garden, or in the nearby park. The family will invite you along to the children’s activities, such as sports events or choir, and the family activities, such as spending time at their cabin or on holiday in the nearby beach resort.

As the children are so young, some experience with babies and toddlers would be ideal, although the parents will of course guide you through the routine in the first few weeks. There is no need to drive a car for work purposes but it would be useful if you drive as they do live in a country location. You are welcome to borrow one of their cars on your time off if you would like to explore the area or meet people in nearby Kokkola. There is a bus stop less than five minutes walk from home and the parents are also happy to drive you occasionally if you don’t drive.

The family lives in a large, modern house where you’ll have your own spacious room with a single bed, sofa, desk, wifi to use and they are happy to provide you with a TV also. They will also pay for your language course as well as your flight home if you stay for the agreed 12 months. This family has previously hosted an Au Pair for nearly two years and will welcome you to become a part of their family!

Au Pair

Location: Masku, Finland

Hours: 25-30 per week

Gross salary/pocket money: 140 € per week

Start date: As soon as possible

Duration: 6-12 months

Language skills: Average to good English OR Finnish

Driving licence: Yes

Age of children: 5 years and 12 years

Accommodation: Private bedroom; bathroom, living areas and sauna shared with the family

Description: A single-parent family living in the small town of Masku, near the beautiful coastal city of Turku. A lovely, welcoming multi-cultural family that is open to Au Pair of any nationality or culture.

Your working days and hours will vary depending on mum’s shift work. Duties consist mostly of caring for the youngest child, ensuring the eldest child will get ready for school on time and does their homework, serving children pre-cooked meals, taking them to the nursery or after-school activities, and assisting mum in keeping the house tidy and clean. A confident driver is required as winter conditions in Finland are snowy and icy.

The ideal Au Pair is someone who is trustworthy, active, and has a calm personality who is able to be firm with the children when necessary. The eldest child has ADHD but is a happy, social and non-aggressive child who loves sports and hanging out with friends. The youngest is an easy child who is friendly, polite, kind, and loves ballet and ice skating. The family also has a small, friendly dog so someone who is happy to take the dog for a walk with the children would be appreciated. The mum is very flexible and really wants to make sure you will become a member of this lovely family! You will be invited to family activities and trips but also given plenty of privacy if you wish.

Au Pair

Location: Elmshorn, Germany

Hours: 25-30 per week

Gross salary/pocket money: 300 € per month + many benefits

Start date: By 1 August 2021

Duration: 12 months

Language skills: Fluent Finnish and basic to average English or German

Driving licence: No

Age of children: 2 years and 4 years

Accommodation: Spacious double bedroom with TV, DVD and internet on the top floor of the house (great privacy as separate floor!); bathroom shared with mum only

Description: A family living in the town of Elmshorn, about 20 minutes by train from Hamburg. They are looking for a Finnish speaker for the children who also attend a German nursery daily. The family speaks German and Finnish at home and the parents also speak English.

Au Pair will typically work 3-4 days per week 6-7.30 am and 2.30-6/7 pm. Weekends are always off. The morning routine is to serve children breakfast, get them ready to the nursery and walk/cycle with them there. In the afternoon, you will pick the children up from nursery and give them a snack, play with them and make them their dinner. Light household duties include keeping kitchen and children’s play areas tidy, loading and emptying the dishwasher and possibly doing some light grocery shopping.

The family is looking for an active and outdoorsy Au Pair who enjoys spending time with two energetic small children. The children are into outdoor play, cycling, arts and crafts, and helping out with cooking and especially baking.

Elmshorn centre is only 2 km away, there is a bus stop close by. The family will provide you with a monthly allowance for language classes, a monthly bus card (when necessary in the winter) and an Au Pair insurance that will cover your travel also. They are also happy to contribute towards your travel to and from Germany. Their current Au Pair placed by our agency warmly recommends the family!