Junior Nanny

What is a Junior Nanny?

In nanny job adverts, you will sometimes see a position for a Junior Nanny. A junior nanny is typically either a newly qualified nanny without much work experience or an unqualified nanny with 1-2 years of work experience. Someone working in a position advertised as a junior nanny will still be able to call themselves a nanny. A junior nanny is basically a type of nanny.

A junior nanny will have the same duties and responsibilities as a nanny does. Whereas a nanny position typically requires a qualified and experienced professional, a family seeking for a junior nanny may be happy with someone who is just starting their career as a nanny. A junior nanny may get paid slightly less than a nanny would for the first year or two in the job but will be able to negotiate a better salary as their experience and skills grow.

A junior nanny might also not work with babies straight away, but learn the basics of a nanny job with slightly older children. Or the family might have only one child which makes the job slightly easier to learn.

The family might also have a stay-at-home parent that the junior nanny can be working with. This is also called a shared charge role as the nanny is not in sole charge of the children. A junior nanny might also be someone who has experience working in a shared charge role in a nursery but lacks experience in a sole charge role that is required for most nanny positions.

Many people may think that anyone can be a nanny but this is far from the truth! Competition for nanny positions is fierce and most families are looking for professionals with years of experience. Luckily, some families are willing to give a motivated junior nanny a chance to prove their capabilities!

We offer lots of different options based on your qualifications, work experience and interests. If you are unsure what positions you can apply for, Mareena is always happy to have chat on the phone to advise you.