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Are you a qualified and experienced childcare professional looking for a new job? We have amazing Nanny or Governess positions (live in or out) for you!

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What Nordic Nannies offers job seekers

  • Personal service free of charge
  • Thoroughly screened families that comply with the requirements of employment laws
  • The choice is yours! You tell us your requirements and preferences regarding a job and we’ll offer you positions that match your needs. Finding you a position where you can be happy is important to us. You will, naturally, make the final decision about which position to accept.
  • No awkward salary negotiations with a potential employer! We negotiate the best possible salary for you, according to your qualifications, experience and relevant skills.
  • Advice and guidance from an experienced nanny and recruitment professional. Mareena supports you throughout your employment. In case you are unhappy with the job we provide (this has, however, been extremely rare with our jobs!), we will do our best to find you a new one.

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Applying for Our Nanny and Governess Positions

Please email your CV and cover letter, preferably in Word format, to

If you sending a general application instead of applying for one specific position only, please tell us in your email what type of job you are looking for (country/area, hours, salary, live-in/out, number/ages of children, and any other wishes you may have).

We will then ask you to send us further documents, such as degree certificates and references if we think we will be able to help you find a job.

Applying for Our Au Pair Positions

Please fill out these forms online

  1. Personal Information and Agreement
  2. Au Pair Application

Then we will send you an email with information on how to provide additional documents, such as a Dear family letter or a video, references, and photos.



“Nordic Nannies offers a safe and reliable way to go and work internationally. They helped me throughout the year, not just in the recruiting process.
I can fully recommend Nordic Nannies to job seekers and families: professional, helpful and genuinely caring about people.

As a Nanny/Private Teacher, I was well-informed and guided through the recruiting process, meeting the family & children and getting a full picture of what was expected of me in this job.

I always felt that I could call for advice if I needed to. I recommend Nordic Nannies!”

Riikka Svanberg, Nanny/Governess


“Capable, competent and caring customer service from the perspective of a nanny. Thank you Mareena and Nordic Nannies!”

Virpi Kämäräinen, Nanny


“I would highly recommend Nordic Nannies, they are professional and stay in communication with you the whole time to ensure that the transition into the job is going well.

They also helped to match me with a very nice family whom I would not have found without Nordic Nannies.”

Adina, Nanny


“I am pleased with Nordic Nannies’ service. I always got a clear and quick answer to my questions. Communication was always decent and pleasant. I was regularly asked how I was doing, and I got the feeling that you really cared about me. You take each Au Pair as an individual and help in the best way you can.

It was good to receive lots of information about being an Au Pair. The information was very useful when you are a first time Au Pair. I am very happy that I chose your service.

At first it was difficult for me to find a family in Germany where I didn’t have to speak German. I don’t speak German at all. Then you found a German agency for me, and I got a family very quickly. I am pleased that you find solutions to problems or at least try to help.

I really can recommend Nordic Nannies to everyone who would like to go abroad as an Au Pair or Nanny!”

Pihla Frilander, Au Pair, Germany


“I got the first job I applied for through Nordic Nannies. They communicated with me actively during my application process. I got good information about the potential family, the country I was moving to, and all aspects of moving abroad. They also answered all my questions. I felt that the service was very friendly and personal. I am confident that I can contact Nordic Nannies if I ever need any advice or encounter problems during my employment. I trusted the recruiter, and that made me confident that I could move abroad and become a nanny at my age and therefore fulfil one of my dreams.

The family I work for has been exactly what was described to me by Nordic Nannies. I got to speak to the family’s former nanny during the interview process and I learnt that she enjoyed working for the family. The family and I work well together. I can warmly recommend Nordic Nannies to help you get a job abroad!”

Tuija Jussila, Nanny, Switzerland


“Nordic Nannies hoiti haastattelun ja perheen kanssa tehtävän työsopimuksen kitkattomasti ja vaivattomasti. Palvelu oli sujuvaa ja nopeaa. Mareena oli myös koko ajan yhteydessä minuun ja kiinnostunut, miten työni hoituu ja onko kaikki asiat kohdallaan. En missään vaiheessa tuntenut, että taustatukea työlleni ei olisi ollut.

Isäntäperhe oli myöskin hyvin valmistautunut työhöni. Puitteet työlle olivat erinomaiset. Heillä oli selkeät toiveet työtäni kohtaan ja yhteistyö sujui vaivattomasti.

Voin hyvin suositella Nordic Nannies yritystä, kun haluat työskennellä perheessä ulkomailla.”

(Anonymous) Nanny, Switzerland


“This was my third time as an au pair/mother´s help, but the first time through an agency. Although I was always very lucky to get a wonderful family, this time I got so much more by choosing to get some help: and not just any help but help of a wonderful professional, Mareena of Nordic Nannies.

I got a much better contract (for example paid holidays) and valuable information about how to deal with Brexit, taxes and so on. I feel Mareena is like a big sister or a tutor that you can contact anytime you want to ask something. I am so grateful!

P.S. A tip for choosing a family after an interview: trust your gut instinct more than what the job details are. The family I got is a perfect match for me and it is just amazing to feel at home in a foreign country!”

A Mother’s Help in the UK


“Nordic Nannies provided me a safe way to find my first Au Pair position. The service was very knowledgeable and I received thorough information about my future host family and other specifics of my journey. You can always contact Mareena of Nordic Nannies if you have any questions during your stay as an Au Pair.”

Johanna Syrén, Mother’s Help, United Kingdom


”Applying to work as an Au Pair through Nordic Nannies felt safe and secure due to help from their experts. I noticed how important this was especially after my Au Pair year as I had known very little about being an Au Pair when I applied. When you have people to support you, you will always have someone to turn to if things go wrong. My Au Pair year was a success – not easy, because the work has its own challenges, but I would not change it for the world! I was offered a lovely host family who treated me with respect, and nobody should settle for less when looking for a host family. It is great to have guidance about your rights as an Au Pair.” 

Marjo Hanhisalo, Au Pair, United Kingdom