The effects of coronavirus

As coronavirus continues to spread through Europe and the rest of the world, international travel is not recommended. We will continue to monitor the situation, but at this time all our positions will remain open.

Now is a good time to prepare for job search later in the year, when hopefully the virus will have been contained. We are happy to receive new applications from candidates and registrations from families for start dates in the autumn, but we can’t recommend travelling right now to countries where the virus is spreading quickly.

Any candidate who wishes to cancel their application may, of course, do so. The decision of whether to travel will be completely up to each individual candidate.

We are continuing to consult families and to help job seekers prepare for their next position. For job seekers, we are happy to offer services in improving their applications, for example advising how to write cover letters and CVs, proof-reading cover letters and CVs as well as designing CVs that stand out visually for those who already have a basic CV.