About Us

Hello! My name is Mareena Nissi and I am the owner and founder of Nordic Nannies. I started the agency in 2007 to enable Finnish child carers to find jobs abroad.


Mareena nettisivu kuva 4550 minimini

Having worked 20 years as a nanny in seven different countries, I know what it’s like to go to a new country to work. It is not easy to adapt to a new culture and a new family to work for and live with. I would love to share my knowledge so that others don’t have to make the same mistakes that I have in the beginning of my nanny career!


In this business I can utilise both my two business degrees and my expertise as an international nanny. I have already helped hundreds of families and job seekers.


In 2008, Nordic Nannies acquired Scanaupairs, an au pair agency that had been running since 1986 in the U.K. Today, we have various positions all over Europe and Au Pair positions in Australia and China, and occasionally in other Asian and even African countries. We also have partner agencies in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and China, and will be adding more countries to the list.


Nordic Nannies is registered in the UK where I have lived for several years. I currently live in Finland myself but I do like to travel so I prefer to have a location independent business.


We don’t currently have other full time staff but I hire virtual assistant Mirkka Lampinen to handle various office tasks when I am very busy. Mirkka has done a wonderful job for us for years and knows the business very well! We also have a network of independent agents in Finland that source candidates for us. Currently, we are also looking for agents in other countries as we grow the business.


Whether you are a family or a job seeker, I will offer you a personal yet professional service that is tailored to your needs!