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Nordic Nannies is a recruitment agency that connects families with live-in child carers, such as Au Pairs and qualified Nannies. We are located in Finland and specialise in the placement of Finnish candidates to host families abroad. As a small business run by an experienced nanny, we understand the needs and expectations of both families and candidates very well, guiding you through the process of hiring a child carer or finding a job.
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Please note that this is only a small selection of our available positions and the positions change weekly. Once you have sent us your application form, we will be able to tell you exactly what positions we have that would suit you.


In addition, we also have hundreds of positions through our partner agencies in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia and China.


To apply, subscribe to our newsletter here, and you will be sent an email with instructions on how to apply.


Almost all of our positions are live-in positions where the employer provides room and board in addition to pocket money or salary. Minimum requirement for the accommodation is a bedroom but sometimes the employer offers several rooms on a different floor or a flat with private entrance. We have live out positions where you are responsible for finding your own accommodation in rare occasions only.


Job Title: Au Pair

Location: Turku, Finland

Hours: 30 per week

Gross Salary: 100 € per week plus many benefits

Start Date: 1 September 2018

Duration: 6-12 months

Language Skills: Good English (some Finnish an advantage but not essential)

Driving Licence: No

Age of Children: 9 months and 5 years

Accommodation: Single room on a different floor to family bedrooms

Description: Family living in Turku. Lovely location by the sea! You will mostly look after the eldest child but will also help out with the younger child with parent supervision. The family is looking for a trustworthy, active and flexible person to truly become a member of the family. You will regularly be required to travel with the family for work to Helsinki and you will also be given the opportunity to explore Finland with them on trips to the archipelago and Lapland, for example.


Job Title: Au Pair

Location: Portsmouth, UK

Hours: 30 per week

Gross Salary: £ 90 per week

Start Date: 1 November 2018

Duration: until end of July 2019

Language Skills: Basic to average English

Driving Licence: Yes

Age of Children: 10 years

Accommodation: private double room and shared bathroom (with child only)

Description: Single parent family living on the south coast of England. Lovely location with many historic sites and waterfront activities nearby. Duties consist of getting child ready for school, driving to school and after school activities, supervising homework, cooking supper, doing child’s laundry, and keeping kitchen and child’s room tidy and clean. Many previous Au Pairs that recommend this family!


Job Title: Mother’s Help

Location: London, UK

Hours: 40 per week (50 per week during school holidays)

Gross Salary: Negotiable

Start Date: 1 January 2019

Duration: a minimum of 1 year (prefer several years)

Language Skills: Good English and fluent Finnish

Driving Licence: Yes

Age of Children: 4 years

Accommodation: either a private room in the family home or a rented room in a shared house near the family home

Description: Family living in North London, less than 30 minutes from the city centre. You will have sole charge of a 4-year-old in school full time from January so you will work mornings and afternoons and will have lots of time off during the day. During school holidays you will work a full day, 8 am to 6 pm. A degree of flexibility is required, with occasional late evenings and very rare overnight care but overtime is paid extra and you will be given more holidays than the normal holiday allowance is to compensate. Accommodation will be either a room in the family home or a room in a shared house (although you will always be welcome to spend time in the family home). Salary is negotiable based on experience, whether live in our out, etc. This lovely family is looking for a long term employee and member of the family.


Job Title: Governess (teacher for a private family)

Location: Worldwide travel (Dubai, Pakistan & several European countries)

Hours: 30 per week

Gross Salary: 3 000+ € per month

Start Date: As soon as possible

Duration: Long term candidate preferred (several years); can start with 1 year contract

Language Skills: Fluent English

Driving Licence: No

Age of Children: 18 months (+ a newborn looked after by other staff)

Accommodation: Comfortable private room in each location

Description: International family looking for a governess to teach their 18-month-old child. Degree in education and teaching experience (preferably in early childhood education/kindergarten teacher) is required. The family travels a lot and stays for 1-3 months in each location so travelling is essential in this position. The candidate must be comfortable working in a multi-cultured, fully staffed household that includes nannies and a chef that all travel with the family. Working hours are 30 per week but some flexibility is required. This is an incredible opportunity for a teacher to travel the world and work one-on-one with one child only! To apply, please send your CV and cover letter (in English) to