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Nordic Nannies is a recruitment agency that connects families with live-in child carers, such as Au Pairs and qualified Nannies. We are located in Finland and specialise in the placement of Finnish candidates to host families abroad. As a small business run by an experienced nanny, we understand the needs and expectations of both families and candidates very well, guiding you through the process of hiring a child carer or finding a job.
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Please note that this is only a small selection of our available positions and the positions change weekly. Once you have sent us your application form, we will be able to tell you exactly what positions we have that would suit you.


In addition, we also have dozens of positions through our partner agencies in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia and China.


To apply, contact us and ask for an application form (please specify either Au Pair/Mother’s Help or Nanny application based on your qualifications and the job type you would like to apply for).


Almost all of our positions are live-in positions where the employer provides room and board in addition to pocket money or salary. Minimum requirement for the accommodation is a bedroom but sometimes the employer offers several rooms on a different floor or a flat with private entrance. We have live out positions where you are responsible for finding your own accommodation in rare occasions only.


Job Title: Au Pair

Location: Bridel, Luxembourg

Hours: 30 per week

Gross Salary: 125 € per week plus many benefits

Start Date: as soon as possible

Duration: 3-12 months

Language Skills: Basic to intermediate English or Finnish

Driving Licence: Ideally yes but can accept candidates without one

Age of Children: 2 years and 5 years

Accommodation: Very large room and private bathroom in a newly built, large house with garden

Description: Finnish family that has recently moved to a suburb of Luxembourg. You would work alongside a stay-at-home mother (for now at least). Cleaner employed but some light household duties are required. Help feeding and perhaps walking two small dogs would be ideal also. Weekends off but you are welcome to accompany the family on trips around the area. This active family is seeking an outgoing, child loving Au Pair that enjoys various outdoor activities!


Job Title: Au Pair

Location: Woking, Surrey, UK

Hours: 25 per week

Gross Salary: £ 90 per week + contribution towards language course

Start Date: After Christmas 2017

Duration: 10 months

Language Skills: Fluent Finnish and basic to average English

Driving Licence: No

Age of Children: 7 years

Accommodation: private room and bathroom

Description: Finnish-British family living in Woking, Surrey (about 25 minutes by train to London). You will look after the child for about an hour before school and 2-3 hours after school and do light household duties for about 5 hours per week. You will have weekends off. There will be plenty of time for a language course and the family will contribute towards the payment of it. The family live in the centre of Woking which is a lovely town of 100 000 people and the larger town of Guildford is only 10 minutes by train.


Job Title: Au Pair

Location: London, UK

Hours: 30 hours per week

Gross Salary: £ 100 per week plus many benefits

Start Date: January 2018

Duration: A minimum of 6 months (preferably 12 months)

Language Skills: Basic to intermediate English

Driving Licence: No

Age of Children: 5 years, 8 years

Accommodation: private bedroom and bathroom

Description: British family living in South East London. This busy family needs childcare mostly in the afternoons and the evenings. You will have lots of time for a language course or to explore the city during the day. The children have lots of afternoon activities and you will need to take them there by bus. You will also supervise homework and cook the evening meal for the children. Sometimes you will need to babysit in the evening as the parents occasionally work late. You will have weekends off. The family is looking for an energetic and organised Au Pair that also knows how to have a lot of fun with the children!


Job Title: Mother’s Help

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Hours: 30 per week

Gross Salary: 150 € per week plus many benefits

Start Date: as soon as possible

Duration: Until end of June 2018; with a possibility to continue working in September

Language Skills: Fluent Finnish and basic English

Driving Licence: Yes

Age of Children: 3 and 5 (almost 6) years and a baby due in January

Accommodation: In a new extension to the modern style family apartment, a room and bathroom with private entrance and semi-private kitchen facilities with own dishwasher etc.

Description: Finnish-Dutch family living in a quiet suburb of Nicosia, Cyprus (the Greek speaking part). Mainly to work alongside mother who works part time and will have a baby in January. Mother is planning to go back to work after baby is in a good routine (aged 2-3 months) so the Mother’s Help will need to be comfortable with looking after the baby independently (although only short periods of time and training will be given). The family employs a cleaner so only very light housework is required (such as keeping kitchen and children’s rooms tidy, doing children’s laundry and occasional grocery shopping). Must be willing to drive (left hand traffic) children to school and activities; training will be given. Mother’s Help should speak Finnish to the children to improve their language skills but the family will contribute to a language course should the applicant wish to study Greek.


Job Title: Nanny (live in or live out)

Location: Helsinki, Finland (and other residences in Cannes, France and Moscow, Russia)

Hours: 40 per week

Gross Salary: 1 730 – 2 160 € per month (negotiable based on live in/out + all expenses paid whilst travelling)

Start Date: as soon as possible (by mid-December 2017)

Duration: a minimum of 11 months

Language Skills: Fluent Finnish and good to fluent English

Driving Licence: No

Age of Children: 12 months

Accommodation: if live-in, private room and bathroom; either private room or separate flat whilst travelling

Description: International family living primarily in Helsinki, Finland. You are able to work independently but must be happy to work alongside the parents also. You would speak Finnish to the child but would need to speak English with one of the parents and whilst travelling abroad. The family have two other residences, in Cannes and in Moscow, and also travel on holiday so you must be willing to travel frequently with them (for example, at Christmas 2017 to Miami and the Bahamas). All expenses are naturally paid for you whilst travelling. The family are looking for a nice, energetic, organised and flexible nanny with common sense and good experience looking after toddlers.